Petroleum Products

Heating Oil & Kerosene


Home Heating Oil or Fuel Oil, is often used in residential homes and businesses. It is a great product for indoor tanks and can be used in outdoor tanks along with our EcoHeatfuel additive to prevent fuel gelling in cold weather.

Kerosene is cold tolerant and will withstand very low temperatures, therefore it is often used in outdoor heating oil and mobile home tanks. Kerosene is a very clean-burning fuel making it a great product for space heaters and forced hot air heaters.

B2 On-Road Diesel


On Road Diesel is the fuel that keeps your trucks running in the heat of summer or the frigid cold winter temperatures. Treated with the necessary additive to bring you added lubricity, anti-gel, water separation, and reduce fuel filter plugging.

Off-Road Diesel


Off Road Diesel is a common fuel used to power equipment in farming, construction, excavation and many other applications. Our fuel is treated to give you added lubricity, anti-gel, water separation, and help reduce tank algae.